About Tickled Shrink

Welcome to Tickled Shrink, a blog about my journey to reconnect with playfulness and fun.

My Story

I take my work seriously. But after 24 years as a hospital psychologist, I’d almost forgotten how to have fun. On the edge of burnout, I was feeling depleted- mentally and physically exhausted. And then I remembered how, years ago, as a way of helping me to focus on what was really important to me, someone had asked me, ‘when your life is over, what would you want to be written on your headstone?’ My answer was three simple words-‘she had fun’.

So I took a break from work and made time to play. I exercised my creative juices and wrote about my relationship with nature, a topic that has always been close to my heart. I had unplanned time- no schedules, timetables or ‘to do’ lists. I did things ‘just because’ and learned that ‘being’ was just as important as doing.

Eventually, it was time to return to work. Tickled Shrink has come about as a result of the pact I made with myself to consciously incorporate more fun and playfulness into my life. I hope that it will inspire others to do the same.